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Burtree Puddings

With 40 Great Taste Awards across the range, the proof is most certainly in the pudding!

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Burtree Puddings is a family-run business, stemming from years of experience and passion with the farming and food industry. Owned and operated by Robert and Lea Darling, every product from Christmas Pudding to Sticky Toffee Pudding to Flapjack is created with knowledge, love and care to ensure that every product you receive is delicious and perfect.

As a company that believes in local food, all ingredients are sourced locally where possible, including free range eggs and cream from neighbouring farm Acorn Dairy. The range has been developed over the years to cater for differing palettes and also those with specialist dietary requirements.

The Gluten Free Christmas Pudding and Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Pudding are firm favourites with those who need to follow a gluten free diet. All products are made by hand in small batches.

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