The secret behind North Wales favourite coffee roasters

We've been bending the ears of this years' exhibitors - we got the low down from Nathan at Heartland Coffee about their involvement at this years Gwledd Conwy Feast.

"Heartland Coffee Roasters was born out of the want for great, freshly roasted coffee! Roastery owners Mal and Tara Klose started roasting at home when they wanted to get the best coffee they could nearly 20 years ago when there weren't many independent coffee roasters in the UK.

Since then Heartland has grown organically and developed into what it is today. We have a collective love for coffee and its brilliant versatility and breadth of flavour, coffee can taste so different depending on it's country of origin, process, variety and other environmental factors and we want to showcase that to as many people as we can!" - Nathan Prosser, Heartland Coffee

Their outstanding Espresso blend is made up of a mixture of five different southern and central American coffees that are expertly roasted until they have the lovely dark chocolate, smooth and sweet flavour - a flavour that they have built an award-winning, beloved brand from.

Nathan insists, you don't need to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate the flavour profiles of their Espresso blend, it's the basics done [very] well.

This year at the feast we are lucky enough to be welcoming Heartland Coffee's own Nathan Prosser who will be talking about the different brewing methods that make their blends so special and helping you get the very best out of your own coffee. Come and compare and some of their finest Espresso based drinks from the rich blends of South America, to a refreshing African washed coffee.

Also, this year, we will be showcasing our own very special blend exclusively at the feast!

If you can't wait until October for a taste of the sweet & nutty Feast office favourite, enjoy it like a pro:

"I tend to drink my coffee as a cortado or a black as a filter. If I'm having a cortado (espresso with a small amount of steamed milk) I prefer a natural process coffee, these give a sweetness and complexity of flavour. If it's a filter i'd go for a washed African coffee like our Kayanza from Burundi." - Nathan Prosser, Heartland Coffee

Where can you enjoy Heartland Coffee right NOW?

Here are just a few places you can grab a cup immediately, we know you want to.

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