The 2019 Gwledd Conwy Feast is over We hope to see you again soon!

Supporting small businesses, by helping you start your Christmas shopping!

Supporting small businesses is more crucial this Christmas than ever. That is why we will be sharing some festive promotions with you, from some of our wonderful producers.

Under normal circumstances, we would already be well into the 2020 Gwledd Conwy Feast this weekend.

We would be strolling down the quayside, dressed in our warmest clothes, gorging ourselves with cheese, chocolate, cakes and all kinds of unusual street-food!

Perhaps we would catch a band or two in the music tent (with a local beer of course) and then mosey on up to Lancaster Square, where we would browse the unique handmade jewellery, art and fabulous crafts...spotting that perfect Christmas gift!

Well, as much as we would ALL love to be walking around carefree right now, for many of our exhibitors, who rely heavily on trade at events such as ours, this weekend is more than than just another cancelled event...this is a harsh reality that has a huge impact on their livelihoods.

Therefore, we would like to show our support and try to ease this economic impact, by sharing with you some wonderful Christmas promotions from some of your favourite producers.

So why not start that Christmas shopping? Or, maybe just treat yourself... after all, you will be helping to support small businesses!

Stay tuned to see what wonderful offers will be coming your way!

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